A CSS theme that changes the style of a website to match the look and feel of the text web browser Lynx.

Lynx is the oldest web browser (released in 1992) that is still commonly used and in active development. For more information on what Lynx is and what it looks like, visit its wikipedia article.


Lynx’s behavior added via CSS:

Lynx’s behavior added via JavaScript:

Lynx’s behavior that was improved:


Get the source code:

To change the style of your website, download both the CSS (lynx.css) and the JavaScript (lynx.js) files into your website’s root directory. Then just add the following HTML code between the <head> and </head> tags in each of your web pages:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="lynx.css">
<script src="lynx.js"></script>


It’s also recommended to add a good monospaced CSS font along with the previous code so that everything lines up:


You can see a comparison between Lynx running in a terminal (left) and Firefox (right), both displaying the demo page:


Visit the demo page to see what a full-fledged HTML document (including tables, lists, images, etc.) looks like when using the theme with both CSS and JavaScript tweaks.